Company Profile

CM4P offers independent strategic consulting services for the design, implementation and management of loyalty marketing & customer management programmes.

There are three main areas of expertise:

Strategic and consultative services

The core of CM4P's consulting value proposition is the high degree of expertise developed in the specific niche of customer loyalty. CM4P has gained both breadth and depth of understanding from:

  • designing and operating many loyalty programmes across many different industries;
  • identifying a series of 'best practices', which evolved from a strategic view of successful loyalty programmes;
  • developing a process-based model to guide the creation of successful programme strategies and structures;
  • the on-going measurement of programme results to further refine the model and enable the continuous evolution of best practices.

Consultative services are offered in the following disciplines:

  • programme strategy and design;
  • project management and launch;
  • operational management;
  • financial modelling.

Technology recommendations

CM4P recognise that loyalty programmes change every day and therefore supporting technologies need to be equally flexible. We have worked with many of the leading solution providers in Europe, North America and Australasia and are qualified to recommend a suitable platform to our clients.

We believe that the following criteria should be observed when selecting a suitable software platform.

  • An open architecture system that integrates into any data network (probably Oracle-based in any Unix or Windows NT environment)
  • Incorporates the Clients' legacy system record files.
  • Accepts incoming transaction records from any billing, POS, front-end terminal, e-commerce or revenue accounting system.
  • Standard XML format for communication with any web, wireless, PDA or POS device.
  • Best-of-breed database structure that can relate to many control tables quickly and efficiently.
  • Provides the front-end loyalty engine for card-based programmes.
  • Supports high volume and great scalability.
  • Enables Contact Centres to be linked via LAN or WAN via leased line or Internet connection.
  • Provides direct-access capabilities to manage awards, bonuses, programme rules and full reporting at desktop.

CM4P recommends that Loyalty Programmes require a four-part system that manages databases of detailed transaction data in these areas:

  • Rules Engine.
  • Comprehensive accounting functions
  • Inventory Management
  • Customer Service interfaces.

Operational services

CM4P is entirely independent and can recommend and/or provide an Application Service Provider (ASP) to host the loyalty platform for client use and to meet the following client requirements:

  • customer service and contact centre;
  • real-time interfacing including web-site development and hosting;
  • analytical services and database modelling.

CM4P Credentials

We are an independent and international business that has developed successful loyalty programmes in the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe, Africa and Middle East.

Our experience encompasses many market sectors including telecommunications, fast food, fuel, banking, FMCG (supermarkets etc) and we have worked with clients including Shell, Statoil, ExxonMobil, Microsoft, Loyalty Partner (Germany), Air Miles, BP, Tesco, Boots & several B2B Clients.

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