Customer Management 4 Profit

CM4P recognises that successful loyalty/CRM programmes should meet two fundamental objectives:

  • provide significant reward and recognition for the customer;
  • be a profitable initiative for the business.

Many programmes fail in both aspects and most are considered to be habitual rather than influencing customer behaviour.

Global trends indicate that successful programmes are based on the coalition model with many and varied issuing partners and relevant valuable rewards.

CM4P is a specialist conultancy focusing on multiple-partner coalition loyalty programmes.

Utilising CM4P's extensive client experience and learning we apply a disciplined, top-down approach in developing profitable loyalty/ CRM solutions by identifying three critical, decision making processes:

  • establishing with our Client a common view of the strategic and competitive landscape;
  • carefully defining objectives and measurable goals before proceeding;
  • using the foundation established in the first two stages, we formulate a strategy and loyalty structure to achieve the business objectives.

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